03 August 2009

Talking Instead of Sleeping

We are still working with an occupational therapist on improving Jonas' speech (among other things) and he only seems to practice when he's supposed to be napping. There isn't any visual excitement since it's just his monitor, but around 53 seconds or so you can hear him say "giggle giggle giggle."

This boy makes us too happy.

PS Thanks for all the well-wishes. We're slowly getting healthy here.


Jeanette said...

Adorable! What a cutie.

Jackson refuses to say Momma with me around. Jim and the kids have all heard him say it but he won't say it around me. You think your therapist could get him to say it around me?

Laura said...

Cute!!!! I love baby talk!

Tiara said...

He is so stinkin' cute! I love it :) I hope you guys can make it here so we can see him.

Josh, Anne and baby Merrick said...

Oh my! Cute little Jonas :D He makes me laugh.

heather said...

Oh man, that was so cute. I love the giggle giggle giggle.

Oh, and about the belt. It is awesome. It doesn't move at all. I don't like my clothes to move either. The belt is a Fuel Belt helium. It has velcro to keep it in place and most people that have used it have triaed for Ironman and stuff like that. I tried a clip belt before and it moved a lot.
With the one I got I got a medium so that it could fit on my hips. I think they are made to sit on your waist but I didn't want anything to bother me there. So I figured at the hip it wouldn't move...and it doesn't. Email me if you have more questions:'