25 August 2009

Safety First

This is our pool.

This is an excerpt from the safety insert.

I hope I never need a manual to tell me diving into 8 inches of water is a bad idea.*

*But then again, I asked my husband to pick up a movie so we could watch it on the movie box. When he inquired as to what exactly I meant by movie box, I was mildly irritated by his lack of focus until he kindly reminded me that regular people call them DVD players. Chagrin set in swiftly. Perhaps safety instructions (and a healthy dose of common sense) could be of some benefit.

PS Didn't catch my announcement yesterday regarding my rise to stardom on The Meanest Mom? You can read it here and vote at the end of the week.


Michelle and Nels said...

JONAS!!!! I want to see your little face!! Cute pictures by the way.

Jason and Lissa said...

Jonas looks like a white boy!

RRK said...

Hey! Your little boy is so cute!! I was reading about how you have PCOS and found it very interesting because I have also been blessed with this condition! ;-) They thought that I would not be able to have kids, but here I am, two kids later! They figured out a way to make me ovulate (sorry if this is too much info :-) ) and it's been a huge blessing. I was wondering if you had an e-mail address so that I could e-mail you a few questions that I have. If that's ok with you. ---Rebecca

Mrs. Ordinary said...

Rebecca: No problem! My email is on the top right and I'd be delighted to answer anything I can.

Jason and Lissa: I know, I wish he would have inherited Patrick's skin. Freckles are the new tan.

heather said...

Love Jonas in these! Oh, and again, I am voting for you. Yesterday's post was nothing comparted to the one you did.
Also, I was totally looking through some of your old posts when I came across the one that you did about your vaction and you saw us. I didn't even see it when you posted it back then. I was always wondering if you were going to so that I could look at those pictures. Man, I'm lame.
Anyway, love the one of Gabe being all stealh mode. ;)

Anonymous said...

Bahahahahahahaha . . . do not dive . . . sigh.

Nothing says fun like a little early morning wading pool humor.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Ms. PCOS. You rock. :)

Kara said...

Thanks so much for your comment. It means a lot. I also wanted to thank you for sharing your story. I have met some many people who have pcos but your story is honestly the one that was closest to mine! If you don't mind I am going to add you to my google reader! Thanks!

{Kiki} said...

Adorable pictures. I miss those baby pool days. I have really enjoyed the contest over at MM. I look forward to the crowning. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Take care.