06 July 2009

Daily Life with the Boy

Jonas' second babble sound is "l" and it sounds like he is saying giggle, giggle, giggle. I let the video run in hopes of catching it, but no luck. The result is an extra long look into our daily life and a movie shakier than The Blair Witch Project. Learning to edit these videos so they are a quarter of the length (and 4 times less boring) is on my to do list. It's behind about a million other things, so don't hold your breath.

Video 1: Jonas spends a big portion of his day working out with Mom or Dad. Looks like he overestimated his strength.

Video 2: A little game of tag.


Jennifer said...

OK, LOVE the couch pushing and the giggle talk. He is too much cuteness. Great videos!

Jen said...

So adorable! Thanks for sharing.

heather said...

Oh, that first video made me laugh. His stance for pushing the sofa was awesome.

heather said...

Okay first of all the incline 5 is the most it goes to and it gradually goes there but I'm running at a slower speed when I'm at that incline. But thanks for making me your hero! You've always been mine. For reals! Love ya

whitney said...

i want my trike back.

i just remembered i never called you back about that relay race. sorry. my brain was gone because i was on vacation. do you still need people?