10 June 2009

Who writes this stuff?

I don't read the Houston Chronicle often, but when I do, it does not disappoint.

When our family is spotted at Target (lonely in a middle-class, predominantly white suburb), I hope the first thing that springs to mind is, "My, what a lovely, multiethnic pageant of love."

Who knows, maybe we'll walk away with a new friend.


Jennifer said...

Well, only a third (?) of your family looks like my family, but could we still be friends? And I have always thought of you as a one-woman pageant of love, so the ethnic part is just a bonus.

Jason and Lissa said...

But I thought you were the nanny ... :-P

Blarney Girl said...

Which definition of "pageant" do you think the Houston Comical was refering to when writing about this family??? :D

1. an elaborate public spectacle illustrative of the history of a place, institution, or the like, often given in dramatic form or as a procession of colorful floats.
2. a costumed procession, masque, allegorical tableau, or the like forming part of public or social festivities.
3. a show or exhibition, esp. one consisting of a succession of participants or events: a beauty pageant.
4. something comparable to a procession in colorful variety, splendor, or grandeur: the pageant of Renaissance history.
5. a pretentious display or show that conceals a lack of real importance or meaning.
6. (in medieval times) a platform or stage, usually moving on wheels, on which scenes from mystery plays were presented.
7. display or pageantry.
8. Obsolete. a stage bearing any kind of spectacle.

The M's said...

I've always thought that your family was a multi-ethnical pageant of love - I guess I should have said something sooner ;) ...... JK

Jeanette said...

Now I want to read the rest of that article. Sometimes, I am amazed at the stupid things said in the paper. And, Houston only has ONE paper.

Your family is beautiful.

Heather said...

Wow, really? That made the news? What the heck!! Ok, it is pretty funny - was this in the comic section? Sheesh - talk about corny.

Tiara said...

This is ridiculous!