18 June 2009

Two Times the Fool

One morning when I was 19, I woke up to grand news. As a participant of the Washington Seminar program, I was chosen to intern for my favorite senator--John Ensign--even though I was no longer a resident of Nevada. Imagine my delight!

I went about my business for the day, glowing with excitement at the prospect of taking notes at Congressional proceedings and fetching coffee. A dream come true.

Half a day later as I walked down the Wilkinson Center stairs across from Jamba Juice, I realized it was just that. A dream.

I wasn't going to Washington. At least not in my waking life.

I hung my head in disappointment. I'd been duped.

My head hangs in nightmarish disappointment today. John Ensign, you've duped me again. Shame on you. We've battled together to protect marriage. The least you could do is protect your own.

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Becca said...

I literally almost cried when I heard this. :(