25 June 2009


My favorite blogger that I don't know personally is Ree, the Pioneer Woman. I sort of want to be her sometimes*.

Turns out she sort of wants to be me, too, though she is completely unaware.

PW just did a post of all of my favorite little Asian candies (especially Hello Panda and Hi-Chews**). I felt like I was going home. If you don't have a Viet Hoa near you, drool over them here. Now if only she could get a mung bean cake in there, we'd be bosom buddies in no time.

* I would settle for an invite to her ranch for a cooking demonstration, though.

** Do not, I repeat DO NOT, get the lotus flower Hi-Chews. I cannot emphasize this enough. Unless of course you like eating perfume, then by all means...

1 comment:

LaraR said...

PW is one of my all-time greatest online crushes!

Sometimes I have to remind myself that even though I hang out with her and her family all the time, she doesn't know I exist.

(And yes, she had me drooling over these this morning too.)