22 June 2009

Baracuda Boy

Two weeks shy of turning one, Jonas cut his first tooth (top right when looking at him). It was my birthday and an exciting present indeed.

Fast forward 3 weeks to our 6th Family Birthday (yep folks, we've been married 6 years now). Jonas seems to have a thing with giving teeth as birthday presents because he cut his second tooth (top left) on June 14.

And then his third on June 16 (bottom right).

And his fourth on June 19 (top next to the right).

And his fifth on June 21 (bottom left).

Four teeth this week. Ouch. We've been doing a lot of this lately.

* Side note: At his one-year appointment, upon seeing Jonas only had one top tooth, the doctor commented, "Hmmm, only one tooth on the top? That's strange." Par for the course.


Frugal or Cheap? said...

Oh man, sounds like a fun week indeed. Austin didn't cut his first tooth until past 13 months, and he still doesn't have all of them (at 28 months) - who needs milestone timetables anyways???

Kara said...

Hallie only had her two bottom teeth at her first birthday.
Poor Jonas. He got a lot of teeth in such a short period of time!

Jason and Lissa said...

I feel your pain. Kiera got her two bottom teeth in January, then had nothing for four months, then cut 6 teeth the last half of May. Seriously, what are these kids thinking?!?!

Happy late anniversary, btw!

Janae Walker said...

i would have been crying as well! poor guy! reed cut his 8th tooth (one of the big ones in the back) while i was in Alaska....oh, i can't wait to see a toothy update when they all start to really grow in!
p.s. i was pretty upset about the john ensign thing. i guess there really aren't any politicians you can trust....sad....

Karen said...

That is crazy! I thought getting 12 in 6 months was bad...one every 2 weeks. Not near as bad as 4 in a week. Poor guy.

vigues said...

Oh man! What a week you've had...but I do envy your late teether...it HURTS everyone involved!