25 June 2009


My favorite blogger that I don't know personally is Ree, the Pioneer Woman. I sort of want to be her sometimes*.

Turns out she sort of wants to be me, too, though she is completely unaware.

PW just did a post of all of my favorite little Asian candies (especially Hello Panda and Hi-Chews**). I felt like I was going home. If you don't have a Viet Hoa near you, drool over them here. Now if only she could get a mung bean cake in there, we'd be bosom buddies in no time.

* I would settle for an invite to her ranch for a cooking demonstration, though.

** Do not, I repeat DO NOT, get the lotus flower Hi-Chews. I cannot emphasize this enough. Unless of course you like eating perfume, then by all means...

22 June 2009

Baracuda Boy

Two weeks shy of turning one, Jonas cut his first tooth (top right when looking at him). It was my birthday and an exciting present indeed.

Fast forward 3 weeks to our 6th Family Birthday (yep folks, we've been married 6 years now). Jonas seems to have a thing with giving teeth as birthday presents because he cut his second tooth (top left) on June 14.

And then his third on June 16 (bottom right).

And his fourth on June 19 (top next to the right).

And his fifth on June 21 (bottom left).

Four teeth this week. Ouch. We've been doing a lot of this lately.

* Side note: At his one-year appointment, upon seeing Jonas only had one top tooth, the doctor commented, "Hmmm, only one tooth on the top? That's strange." Par for the course.

19 June 2009

Rebel baby

We went with the Canon instead of the Nikon. He seems pleased with our choice.

18 June 2009

Two Times the Fool

One morning when I was 19, I woke up to grand news. As a participant of the Washington Seminar program, I was chosen to intern for my favorite senator--John Ensign--even though I was no longer a resident of Nevada. Imagine my delight!

I went about my business for the day, glowing with excitement at the prospect of taking notes at Congressional proceedings and fetching coffee. A dream come true.

Half a day later as I walked down the Wilkinson Center stairs across from Jamba Juice, I realized it was just that. A dream.

I wasn't going to Washington. At least not in my waking life.

I hung my head in disappointment. I'd been duped.

My head hangs in nightmarish disappointment today. John Ensign, you've duped me again. Shame on you. We've battled together to protect marriage. The least you could do is protect your own.

10 June 2009

Who writes this stuff?

I don't read the Houston Chronicle often, but when I do, it does not disappoint.

When our family is spotted at Target (lonely in a middle-class, predominantly white suburb), I hope the first thing that springs to mind is, "My, what a lovely, multiethnic pageant of love."

Who knows, maybe we'll walk away with a new friend.

05 June 2009


My attention was drawn to a peculiar interaction on Tuesday.

As I passed the splash pad where our Mom&Me group meets, a boy of 10 or 11 years ran out in the street. It is the size of a typical neighborhood thru-street with the standard two lanes, so the traffic is somewhere between calm and busy. School had just released so traffic was on the heavier side.

The boy looked desperate to cross quickly. So quickly, in fact, that he did not use common sense, running in front of a delivery truck. The child tried balancing himself on the thin yellow lane divider between my truck and a delivery truck, but stumbled forward. Nothing came of the incident other than a shock to my nerves and hopefully a shock to his as well.

Continuing my drive, my heart raced as I uttered a prayer of thanks that there was a tolerable song on the radio (and I didn't need to glance down for that split second to make a change).

As I drove forward, I spotted another boy about the same age. He was sprinting, looking back frequently, with apparent terror in his eyes. When I glanced to see what he was focusing on so intently, Mr. Danger Boy himself was chasing him, appearing nothing short of contemptuous.

I drove further along, but felt terribly uncomfortable with the situation and turned around after about 5 seconds. By the time I reached the boys and could observe for a few moments, they were crossing a field a few feet apart. Their body language implied friendship so I started heading home.

Nothing happened as far as I can tell. But as I was prompted to turn around and check on the boys, I couldn't help but wonder what I was going to do if Danger was bullying him. Would I stop them? Call the school? Call the police? Do nothing?

I didn't know what to do, but I did know I was supposed to turn around and make sure they were okay.  I'm not sure how I would have helped either child had something gone awry and I'm grateful all was apparently well.

This has forced me to think:
What is appropriate in bullying situations? Do you stop them? Will that make it worse later for the child being bullied? What if the children were 5-years-old  instead of 10? Does that change anything? What if they were 16-years-old?

I'm just not sure. What are your thoughts?

01 June 2009

The Pain Goes Away

Jonas turns 1 tomorrow. Even though it is his big day, he has been such a gift that I feel like it's my birthday instead.

Our struggle to have Jonas is no secret. As friends and family would invite me to share in the joy of their developing wombs, I laid in bed with my heart rent into splintered desires. I wanted to celebrate with them, yet celebrations were tainted by distress and occasional self-loathing.

This week, 2 of my favorite women gave birth to beautiful babies. In the past two weeks, 3 very dear friends announced their pregnancies. All the while, I've been waiting for the familiar wave of sorrow to envelop me.

But it hasn't arrived. The wave stood me up.

An interesting phenomenon has occurred since the birth of our angel baby: the pain subsided.
John 16:21 promises a very real promise:
"A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world."
The pain is by no means gone. I remember my thoughts and have an intellectual understanding of the experience, but the anguish does not run through my bones. When friends announce their pregnancies, I rejoice fully. Their joy is not coupled with my sorrow.

Yes, I long for more children. Jonas would have been made a brother three months ago if it were up to me. But if we are not blessed with more, I will not be dissatisfied. Disappointed, indeed. But dissatisfied, never again, for I cannot deny my "joy that a man is born into the world."

Happy First Birthday Jonas-Boy. You are truly our gift from God.