10 May 2009

For Me This is Heaven

A lull in Jonas' activity level is my first clue that it is nap time. I carry him to his room and stand next to the Pack 'n Play. The moment I stick the pacifier in his mouth, he lays his head on my shoulder with his hand on my chest or collarbone, sometimes with eyes shut, and sighs peacefully. I hold him close for as long as I dare, not wanting to let go of my sweet angel. As I lay him down, he begins to twist the pacifier in his mouth, grinning contentedly. He positions himself in a spread eagle stance while I tuck the blanket around him, and talks himself to sleep. We do this three times each day. And three times each day, I know I'm touching heaven.

Happy Mother's Day.


Blarney Girl said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

Karen said...

I just miss him so much. I wish I could see him right now!

Anonymous said...

Hey there. Happy Mother's Day (Belated):) I emailed you about pre-K. Check your email and message me back your number. I realized after we talked that I don't have it.


P&N said...

I love this post. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!