14 April 2009

The skinny

We've witnessed miracle after miracle over the last few weeks, with our family being the main recipients. Here's a brief rundown of recent events that lightly touch upon March's tender mercies. It is quite the incredible story so if you can't wait until it is published in the Ensign (j/k...sorta...I'm considering submitting it), let me know.

Week 1 (March 9-15)
Monday. Offered position as live-in caretakers that will cover all of our expenses.
Tuesday. Accepted offer and will begin April 1. What do we do with our house that has been on the market for a year?
Wednesday. Jonas gets sick. Trip to DC cancelled
Friday. J offered second job
Sunday. Family visits our ward and has no place to live (living in a hotel since Tuesday). Looking for somewhere to rent and will probably move into a home within ward. We meet them because of canceled trip

Week 2 (March 16-22)
Monday. Family's house falls through. Calls at 6 pm and asks to rent our home for exactly what we need.
Tuesday. Move with 24 hours notice. Patrick at work most of the day.
Wednesday. Finish moving out. Jonas begins crawling. Patrick still at work.
Thursday. Exhausted. Attempt to get organized
Friday. Camping for the weekend.

Week 3 (March 23-28)
Monday. Begin our new job. Patrick receives 60-day notice. Make a thousand doctor appointments before insurance runs out.
Tuesday. Early childhood interventionists assess Jonas. He is 2-3 months behind for nutrition and physical movement (started catching up because of the crawling); at a 4-month-old level of development for emotional, social, cognitive.
Wednesday. Jennifer asked to prepare 13 games for 300 children for the stake activity on Saturday.
Saturday. Set up games at the stake activity. Miss the Family Fun Walk. Run (bouncy walk) 5k instead.

Pictures to follow. Eventually.


Erica Huff said...

What an amazing month! I would love to talk to you about how things are going for your little family.

Jennifer said...

Blog Land has missed you immensely. We are so glad things are working out. You must be doing something right. Can't wait to see pics of Jonas crawling.

*About boys' wedding outfits...don't know. I'll ask Michelle what she wants. Parents bought everyone else clothes for wedding. I haven't seen anything green, purple and/or navy for boys yet.
Love and roses.

heather said...

I had no idea all this stuff was going down!
I'm glad that things are starting to look good again. I've missed your posts.

natalie said...

Wow Jen! I guess those were some pretty big changes for your family. Where are you living now? I am amazed at your optimism. It is true that those going through trials receive the most strength to endure them. You amaze me!