07 April 2009

Jonas Has An Announcement

For those of you unfamiliar with baby babble, that translates into "Last night's Jimmy Eat World online Clarity concert was outstanding. I can see why it's Mommy's favorite album of all time."

The latter half of his conversation means "Vote for Auntie Jennifer...every day until, well, I'm not sure. Auntie Jennifer, will you please leave a comment informing us of when the contest ends? "

Jonas' Auntie Jennifer is in desperate need of winning one of these

If I would have known about the contest, I would have entered first, but now I can only hope she wins so I can come over and admire her craft monolith. But I will only be able to admire it if you go vote. Auntie Jennifer is falling behind.

Go to this website right here and vote. She is entry #3. No need to scroll through all 79. NUMBER 3. Yes, that's right. You want to vote for number 3.

Seriously. Go vote right now. And tomorrow. And every day until ________ (TBD). Auntie Jennifer needs your votes in a bad way.

Thank you. We are all waiting with bated breath for an Ordinary Victory.

PS Jonas really does have an Auntie Jennifer. It is not my alter-ego or some creepy way of referring to myself in the third person.

(Manual directions to vote if you want to explore the site and don't want to use the direct link: theoriginalscrapbox.com ---> Retail Stores ---> The CraftBox Giveaway ---> Vote for Entry #3)

PS Part 2
I will eventually get a real post up.


Jennifer said...

You are the best! The contest to beat all contests goes until the 22nd of April. I was winning for so long, but I am falling behind! I need help!

Jennifer said...

I loved Jonas' speech. Very moving and thought provoking.

elopingcamel said...

I'm sad that I missed that show. I'm sure it was superb. I did make it to the live concert though so I won't actually sit around complaining.