15 April 2009

I should have had a child 5 years ago

Hope your tax day is filled with deductions and tea bags. Hope to see you at the tea party tonight.

PS This really really really bothers me. They imply they are not a gigantic part of the problem. It's not an Obama thing; it's a government thing. That includes you RNC.


Jeanette said...

On Dec. 31 2008 I began to go into labor with Jackson. It would stop and start and as it approached midnight, I told Jim, "This baby better not come on Jan 1. I will be so mad that we missed the deduction!" Jackson must have heard that because he stuck in there and I was induced Jan. 11!

heather said...

Yes, babies are a great thing for that. When you have two it's even better!;)

vigues said...

I hear you on the link. And also on tax deductions!!! They're a wonderful thing (on so many levels!)