27 April 2009


People offered the proposition that perhaps Mary-Kate is copying Ozzy.

I propose that she is not imitating the Prince of Darkness, but rather the Chosen One out of sheer excitement for this summer's blockbuster.

Who's with me?


Jason and Lissa said...

I'm SOOOO excited for the next HP movie...especially since it was SUPPOSED to be last Thanksgiving and now it's not until July!

elopingcamel said...

I see a lot of Elton John in her too (if he had more hair).

Janae Walker said...

i just think it's a little funny that mary-kate is being compared to two (well, three if you count the elton john comment from papa) guys! but, i am way excited for the next harry potter movie! although, since i just finished reading the series again, i will probably see all the left-out stuff. but, ah well.....it'll be good anyways!