24 April 2009

The Best Day for a Heart Attack is Trash Day

The city comes to our street quite early on our designated trash pick-up day. When I heard the rumblings of the truck at my next-door neighbor's, I raced out to deposit an unusually disastrous diaper. I left Jonas examining the many wonders of his hand.

I returned to a water-soaked counter top and this.

I cried out loud enough that he stopped trying to put the electric phone cord in the water.

I'm pretty sure I need to add defibrillators to my 72-hour kit.


Jason and Lissa said...

That's both funny and scary at the same time! Isn't it amazing the many ways kids can find to hurt themselves? They could use a little more of the self-preservation instinct!

heather said...

No way! He's already doing this. Wow, he's getting big. This was funny post too.

Janae Walker said...

whoa! that is scary! yes, defibrillators would be a good idea :)

stacey @ tree, root, and twig said...

IT BEGINS! Is it cruel that I am laughing?! And don't worry, you'll get used to the heart attacks, as they will be happening daily soon.