10 March 2009

Look at that Mouth

Yes, that cute one there.

This very cute mouth had poop in it.

That's right. My child ate poop. His very own.

The doctor informed him that growth is accessory to consuming more solids. Evidently, he needed more explicit instructions as to what kind of solids. But hey, he's eating. That's all I ask.

In other news, Jonas' attempts to crawl have been fruitless, but the attempt is there and will result in mobility shortly.

But what he lacks in physical development, he compensates with cognitive development. Watch out Mary Lynn Rajskub. My baby reads and clips coupons. Attaboy.


Lissa said...

That's what I tell myself about Kiera's lack of interest in crawling, too. She's not advanced physically, but she's a smart cookie!

I would not be amused if Kiera ate her own poop. Sure, she'll put her hands in it. And then laugh when I wipe it off like it's a game. But eat it? *shudder* I hope she never tries that one!

B. said...

Ack! Now you'll totally have to wash out his dirty mouth with soap - hopefully for the last time.

enjoy his immobility while you can! Our house is a disaster now that Emmie started moving about.

Jennifer said...

Obviously we are not to this stage yet, because I am wondering HOW he got the poop in his mouth?

Heather said...

Mmmm... kind of makes you want to rethink kissing that sweet little mouth doesn't it? That so gross it's funny.

heather said...

oh sick...can't believe he ate that...at least he is eating solids like you said.
That is so funny, he's still cute though.

kt said...

okay seriously, that expresson on Jonas' face = classic. I LOVE that look !!!!!! I miss you, Jonas!

kt said...

(oh and I mean the look in the last picture, when he's reading the coupons. snack)