06 March 2009

For Love and Presidents

I love Valentine's Day and it makes the entire month of February absolutely lovely. The dreary days of January are brightened up by red and pink, which keeps me happy indefinitely.

This Valentine's weekend was no disappointment, especially in the romance department. We went with amigos Brad and Elizabeth to a small Farmer's Market that wasn't really a Farmer's Market at all, but a success nonetheless since their kids found the fountain and I found my agave nectar. Afterwards we went to the park for a picnic where Mitchell went potty 18 times, Isaac ate rocks, and Gracie chowed down on olives and pickles. Thanks for the entertainment!

That evening, the romance continued with an evening of babysitting this guy. Zane is such a funny little boy with uninhibited enthusiasm. He intrigued Jonas, who subsequently decided that moving may have benefits after all and has sinced started rolling over more frequently.

Zane got caught under the bar stools. I'm not sure how. Obviously, I'm an awesome babysitter.

President's Day also had a nice little surprise: KT!

She was in town for business, so we celebrated our presidents past and present by catching up, learning new baby songs, going to the temple, and meeting future Facebook friends. I miss you already. Can you come back please?

And since it was Valentine's Day weekend, we ended it with lots of kisses.


Jason and Lissa said...

In that last picture it looks like Jonas is eating you, not giving kisses! :)

heather said...

Okay I love your hair, but you already know that. You look beautiful in these pictures.