11 March 2009

Apples to Apples with a Twist

Stacey at tree, root, and twig occasionally plays Apples to Apples without regard to the directions:

[E]ach player grabs five noun cards and two adjective cards, and then makes up a story including all seven....You give each player just a few minutes to sort their cards and develop their story, and then it’s time to spill. Some stories are funny, some make no sense at all, and some are just sorta mundane (like mine!). The thing is, they are all unique and they all encourage your child to think on their feet and let loose with being creative.

And here’s my story:
I kept my eyes peeled during our many road trips to the overwhelming Niagra Falls, ignoring the sound of tough car horns and the smell of fast food.

Now, would you like to take a spin with those seven cards up there?! Go on, try it and leave a comment with your story!

In haiku fashion, I rise to the challenge:

Road trip: Canada
Approaching Niagara Falls
Tough eyes grow trepid

Car horns blare below
Fear of heights, overwhelming
Fast food reappears

Wanna play?

(Stacey's words are her own, though I changed the order slightly for purposes of this blog)

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