24 February 2009

We've Moved

We took Jonas to Prince's Burgers for a heart to heart, informing him it was indeed time to leave our bedroom. We explained he is growing so quickly and has demonstrated enough maturity to have a room of his own.

The door to the nursery.

This should be familiar for the tens of you who have followed our blog in the last 8.5 months.

His mobiles.

His wall decorations.

Yes, it's true. We have 3 spare bedrooms and the child is in my closet. He wakes up once a night to eat and I am unwilling to commit to climbing 14 stairs before dawn, which is why he hasn't left the nest earlier. We feel this arrangement is ingenious. Wouldn't you agree?

He looks happy enough to me.


kt said...

I miss you, Jonas!!! Congratulations on the big move!
Aunt Karren

Lissa said...

Oh, the ingeniousness of it all!

whitney said...

i wouldn't want to climb stairs in the middle of the night. congrats to jonas on his own room! that kid is absolutely adorable... i just want to squeeze him!

Jennifer said...

He loves his new pad! How cute and how smart. He is like a little Harry Potter!
And look at those chunky legs! I love the jean shorts.

Keith and Nicci said...

Love it. We were planning on putting Tanner in our closet here too (since Austin's in the other room), and then when we moved in we realized it's too small. So our plan now is to roll his pack-n play into the bathroom when we're ready to go to sleep at night. Maybe that will motivate be to clean the bathroom more often.

Jeanette said...

Love it. How cute. What a nice clean closet too.