12 February 2009

It's official.

Jonas went in for his flu booster and he has officially fallen off the growth chart at 16 pounds (8 months). If he makes it to a bulky 17 pounds in the next day or two, he will be somewhere between percentile 5-10.

Could his slow growth have anything to do with the fact that...
* he hates fruit?
* he hardly eats solids?
* he is allergic to rice (even though he is a quarter Asian--now what will he eat at Thanksgiving?)?
* he is addicted to nursing?
* he will not take a bottle (even if it is leche de mamá)?
* he *could/should* be eating 2.5 packs of baby food per day...and it takes him 4 days to get through a solitary container?
* he only eats oatmeal when he is kind enough to take a few spoonfuls?

And where does he get that double chin?

It couldn't possibly be genetic.

Maybe he carries all 16 pounds in his face (this was the result of a sad attempt to get a couple minutes to clean out the kitchen cabinets. I finally succumbed to the temptations of Baby Einstein, where it clearly sucked out the soul of my child. You see that dead look in his eyes? He's learning all about da Vinci. Riveting, isn't it? He only lasted 6 minutes before he was thoroughly unentertained).

Here's our midget blowing bubbles and refusing nourishment.


The M's said...

Jonas is super duper adoreable! He looks happy and healthy to me.

Keith and Nicci said...

FYI, Austin was 5-10 percentile until 18 months, and finally moved up to 20th - I kept wanting to get worried, but since he was happy and still gaining some weight the doc said not to worry. Jonas just loves his mama (Austin wouldn't take a bottle either). He'll come around:)

Jason and Lissa said...

I think Jonas is faking us all out. He wants us to think he's going to be small, but he's going to end up as the next Yao Ming!

I'm sorry he won't take a bottle. That has to be hard on you!

Kiera loves TV--doesn't matter what's playing. Granted, her attention span isn't long, but she can usually make it through a Baby Einstein DVD. But I feel like a horrible parent when I turn it on, even if it's just so I can go use the bathroom in peace! :)

Kara said...

Pictures can be so deceiving! I think he carries it all in his cheeks (just like Hallie). Although the rolls on his thighs are quite scrumptious too :)

I wonder exactly how that percentile thing works cause Hallie was 15 pounds at 7 months and she was in the 20th percentile, so Jonas not being on the charts is weird seeing as he's so close to what Hallie was. hmmm..

Jeanette said...

I think he looks healthy and strong. I always wonder what the percentile really tells us? I have had kids on and off it. They're all healthy so I'm happy.

I laughed at the rice bit. Hopefully he'll grow out of that allergy. :)

vigues said...

My doc always said (after announcing at that age for both kids that they were in the 2nd percentile for weight) "The first thing I ask myself is 'do they look healthy?' They do. So don't worry about it too much."
LIke Nicci, my kiddos grew out of it around 18 months or a year. There is hope!

Erica Huff said...

Oh how I understand. I'm trying to get Rebecca to take a bottle....she won't have anything to do with it. I can totally relate to the whole post. He does look healthy though....that's all that matters!

heather said...

Man, I can't believe he is small for his age. He looked good to me! Remember that all kids are different. Just watch...one day he is just going to surprise you and start eating everything in front of him. Just wait!