18 February 2009

I Need to Start Paying with Cash

My server wants to be my Facebook friend.

Yes, you read that correctly. My server wants to be my Facebook friend.

As in, my server at the restaurant I ate at last night.

With a girlfriend (and not a husband).

Where the service and food was tip-top (red pepper crab bisque...mouthwatering).

Where I completed the survey (with my name and address) and left a generous tip (with my debit card that also has my name on it).

Because the service and food was tip-top.

Not because I'm on the market.

Because I'm not.

And now Drew wants me to confirm his friend request.

Who's next? The UPS guy? I gave him a muffin when he dropped off my wheat grinder and a box of cookies when he delivered my bottle of eXfuze.

I don't care what Kip says, this technology stuff is getting out of hand.

Maybe I can go back to the rotary phone and pretend Al Gore never invented the internet.


kt said...

I love that you have a tag on here called 'Really?' and I love that I was there when this happened (sort of).

I think you should post a screen shot of the friend request.

ps did you accept?

Kara said...

I take it he found you from reading your name off your debit card?

That's kinda creepy. Okay, really creepy.

Jason and Lissa said...

Creepy. Poor guy must not have many friends if he wants to add a complete stranger!

Jennifer said...

What I think you meant to say, Jason and Lissa, is that I was so dynamic and witty and striking that Drew couldn't bear to NOT be friends with me. He isn't desperate (unless you meant desperate for my platonic companionship, and then you'd be correct).

Becca said...

uhm, that's pretty freaky. like, out of hand.

heather said...

I think that is kind of weird...but I love this post because you have such great humor when you write. The whole Kip think was making me laugh.