24 February 2009

I need running music...or perhaps...who wants to be a dollarinaire?

* Update at bottom

Our stake has a 5k coming up on March 28 and my running partner broke her foot (very sad). I can only last about 2 minutes by myself before my brain begins protesting, repeatedly uttering "This is so boring!" I need running music selections. Any ideas?

You may be asking yourself: In these hard economic times, how will she pay for enough music to run 3.1 miles at her 45min-mile pace?

As payment for the loads of song options you will send me, I will divulge my most profitable money-making secret: YouData

Basically, you click on ads and they pay you for it. Not a lot of money--I'm averaging about $5/month--but enough to keep my iTunes fully stocked. And I only spend about 3 minutes doing it. After 4 months I can buy 20 songs (18 after tithing), which is two albums. That's $100/hour (I just need to find a way to get more hours).

You sign up quickly and don't give any personal identifying information such as name, address, or phone number. You are paid every Friday through PayPal (where you need an account--it's what I use to buy online anyway) and then you can watch the nickels roll in. Just make sure you check (often) if there are additional interest surveys to take--that way they can send you more ads.

Want more info? Check it.

PS I know you're excited. Just don't forget to send along the songs. Many thanks.

*Update: I listen to everything. Indie, emo, punk, rock, classical, rap, hip hop, oldies, 80s, folk, country, pop.... You could send me anything with one exception: Chances are slim that anything chosen by Delilah on one of her "Sappy Love Songs" segments will make me want to Rock My Body the way JT does. But you never know.


Lissa said...

It takes you 45 minutes to run a mile? :-P

As for the music...what do you like to listen to? Oldies? Pop? Techno? That would help with recommendations.

Lissa said...

It takes you 45 minutes to run a mile? :-P

As for the music...what do you like to listen to? Oldies? Pop? Techno? That would help with recommendations.

Kara said...

Avril Lavigne's song Girlfriend always makes me want to run.... and I am not a runner!
Aint no other Man and Candyman by Christina Aguilera
Yeah by Usher
Firecracker and New York New York by Ryan Adams
Nolita Fairytale by Vanessa Carlton
Forever by Chris Brown
1,2 step by Ciara
Beyonce and JT are good ones too

Those are just a few I can think of right now. Most of these artists have more songs that I'm sure would be good for running. Hope these help a little!

Janae Walker said...

you gotta get something upbeat, but you also have to like the song. your problem may be that you like too many songs to narrow it down. i love running to some blink 182, michael jackson, queen, hudson river school, avril lavigne (it's good angry girl music and pumps me up), i even have some dave matthews and jimmy eat world on my ipod shuffle. i bet madonna would be a good one. oh, i have some elliott on there. it actually helps me to have all kinds of music, but i run for a bit longer. basically, you just have to try it out. i will look through my ipod today and give you some of my favorites to run to! good luck!

The M's said...

Okay I am technologically challenged at times...I would love to give you some music, it will just take me some time to figure all of this out.
When I'm running I like to listen to a variety. Below are a list of some things I listen to:
-Nelly Fertado
-Cold Play (most of their upbeat songs work for me)
-U2 (ditto, although I am partial to the Sweetest Thing right now)
-More to come, my child is melting down....

Laura said...

I'll check and see if I have your email address, if not I'll get it from Scott. I have some good running music I can send you (at least I like it... Scott thinks it's a little too gansta' for his liking, but I know deep down he loves it!) :) ... some of the songs I bought through itunes so I won't be able to send those, but I'm pretty sure I have a good selection of music that wasn't an itune purchase. I'll get the email ready to send and once I get your email I'll send them on their way. :)

Jeanette said...

You can check out my sister's blog. She posted free downloads to music recently. beckstromfamily.blogspot.com
She has better taste in music than I do. She loves new blog friends too.

heather said...

wow, there is so much I can give you! Okay I will just give you my top three:
1. Will I am- Traveling Song
This is from Madagascar 2...so good.
2. MxPx- Tomorrow's another Day
So up beat, but a good message. They were one of my favorite bands in junior high school. don't worry, they are don't swear in their music.
3. Kayne West- Stronger
Oh man, this song helps me to keep going...just make sure to get the clean version.;)
Those are my top 3...if you need some more...just send an email my way.