06 February 2009

I miss Europe in a bad way

That is one continent that has never underestimated the inherent value of the bidet.


Janae Walker said...

You can even got to Thailand and use (what Tyson calls) a butt squirter. He says that it actually much better than toilet paper. So, maybe we will have one in our house someday - then, when you have no t.p. you can come and use it :) (but, that means we actually need to live in the same place eventually!)

Keith and Nicci said...

OK, first of all I'm so sorry for you and Jonas and hope he's doing better. And second of all, my parents had 2 bidets in their house in Japan and when we visited them a couple years ago Keith got hooked on them and only complains about American toilets now, and swears we will have a bidet in our home one day.