27 February 2009

I don't succumb to stress often

so I forgot how those moments are even less glamorous than Charlize Theron in Monster (and since I act like a monster, Patrick was forcefully reminded too).

If you are unfortunate enough to happen across me during one of these episodes, you have two options:
1) Run away
2) Clean my house

These are the only two options that will guarantee you safe passage.

But don't worry, the episode has passed and I look like this again:

Photo Source 1 and 2


Karen said...

I succumb to my annoyance, frustrations, stresses everyday and become a crazy lady! It's true. I am certifiable. It happened after I had two kids. They make me that way. I am in no way responsible for my own actions.

Lissa said...

Ahh...one of the monster days. They suck, don't they? My monster usually only goes away after a good cry--my tears, not Jason's. :-P Stupid hormones.

heather said...

Oh man, I had one of those days today. They so suck...I really do love this by the way. That is exactly how i feel.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to succumb to updating your blog!! :) Hope you are back to the pretty Charlize...oh who am I kidding, you always have a smiling face!