02 February 2009

Extended Vacay: Leg 5 (Final)

5 Posts for 5 Weeks. It was a great trip, but I'm glad to be home.

Once we got back to Cedar City, I got to meet Mama's roommate Kristi, who both shared a cameo in one of Drew's earlier videos
Pretty self-explanatory, I think

I got sick :(
Conner showed up with all of his clothes on backwards
including his undies
Grandma played with me while Mom watched all those girly movies Daddy would never want to watch (Honey, What a Girl Wants, The Women)

And Mommy and Tiara went to see Bride Wars together while I stayed home and played
I kept getting my feet stuck in the crib slats
So I eventually got to sleep with Mommy (which has meant that my sleeping has been quite off schedule since my return to Houston)
I decided to give up all solids after 3 weeks of eating like a champ, but decided that I would eat a few bites with Grandma. I'm still having trouble with wanting anything but milk...
I said a final good-bye to Uncle Michael in St. George and Mommy said a final goodbye to Cafe Rio
Isn't the contrast between red and white lovely?
I hopped on two planes--one tiny one in Cedar City and a second in Salt Lake

And then I finally got to see my Daddy after 3 long weeks!

The End.

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Keith and Nicci said...

Forgot to tell you on the phone that I LOVE your hair:). And I loved the picture of Jonas' growth spurt - awesome.