02 February 2009

Extended Vacay: Leg 4

On our way back down to Cedar City, we stopped at Cove Fort where we learned all about how President Hinckley's ancestors had it way rougher than me.
The Cat in the Hat was waiting for me when I arrived

After just one day in Cedar City, we headed back down to Las Vegas under circumstances that were not ideal, but a good opportunity to grow closer as a family.
Cody let me borrow his bed
This is where Mommy went to church for 4 years before moving to Utah. She was so lucky to be able to see Gary and Shirley H, Angie R, Shelly D, John & Sierra, Corey & Sierra, Natalie & Tyler, Sammy M, and a number of other friends from high school. Mommy and Grandma also went to lunch at Mimi's with her former bishop, but didn't get a picture! She is still kicking herself for that huge mistake.

Heather later met us at Town Square Park with her adorable little ones. Btw one of Heather's posts was chosen as the Mommy Moment of the Month. Way to go!

Gabe is so stealthy
My cuz Cannon loves me
Sheridan's frozen custard was decent except for the fresh mango. Maybe they meant fresh out of a can. The Elvis Concrete was de-lish though.
Torturing Tanzik

Meeting Mommy's former Teach For America colleague who now works in the LV Regional Office
Mommy loves and misses these mountains
Lynleigh was one of Mommy's BFFs in high school. She is with her 3-week-old son Cameron
That's a real dog, not a statue
And here's Aubs, another high school BFF who is having a baby girl
I don't know if a worse picture has ever been taken. I guess Cameron and I can't look good in all of them.
Cannon was supposed to be in a photo shoot for a fundraiser, but he was too shy so I got to do it!
Meeting Uncle Eric's BFF Hunter, Andrea, and Tatum
Giddy up
I just couldn't get enough of this chair

And just before saying good-bye to Nevada, I got to meet Uncle Steve!

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heather said...

Don't know if you will ever get this comment, but why is this the first time I saw it. I think I must have skipped it or something. love our pictures. You are just the best!