01 February 2009

Extended Vacay: Leg 3

Things started out nicely on my 7-month life anniversary
Thank goodness Grammaloupes had my same bear

Aunt Rebecca drove me to Evanston, WY to visit this lodge
where I passed out on the floor from gorging myself on Doritos
and was subsequently attacked by a bear
Grammaloupes and Phineas snuggled
while my Super-Talented-Aunt-Jennifer created this gorgeous bouquet for her friend's wedding
Then the g-parents babysat me because
Mommy and Aunt Rebecca enjoyed a night out at the E-Center for a Monster Truck Rally (and no, she's really not that pale--bad lighting)

Apparently it is customary to watch people get attacked by dogs at these shows. (Note: If you are ever being chased by a military or a police dog, they will stop chasing if you stop running.)
I ate a delicious meal at J-Dawgs
and experienced my first snowfall
before going to the Monte L. Bean Museum with Jennifer and Phineas.
Cats have always had a thing for Phineas
and I'm more of a dog person
The tusk is bigger than me--I need to grow!
Good thing I'm going through a growth spurt (quite obviously, I'm still nursing)
Auntie Michelle was working, but she still stopped by for a few minutes
Liberace also made a brief appearance.
The final stop was to visit Shasta, who is known for her magical powers.

Then we dined at El Salvador, which has top-notch and very economical pupusas. This was also the very first (and only) time I spent a whole restaurant trip in my car seat.
Auntie Jennifer let me borrow this sweet-awesome bib
As repayment, I cleaned out under her couch.

I then drove home in my first snowstorm (this is what the car looked like after just a couple of hours!)
and woke up to this
Later we went up to Sandy to meet Mommy and Daddy's amigos from Portugal--Miguel, Gui, and Diogo are the best!

Strategizing during an intense Checkers game
These guys were so much fun that we decided to spend the night and say goodbye to them before they headed off for school. I'm going to miss them so much!
On the way home, we stopped at this cute little artisan bakery in American Fork (for you Utah County folks, everything is made from scratch--even their tarts--and they were voted in the Top 5 for best hot chocolate--made with hot milk and chocolate mousse)
I met Aunt Cindy
and Miss Catherine (at Magleby's Fresh for their pancake breakfast...yum!) who is having a baby girl for me to play with soon
Grandpa taught me how to drink from a cup
And Grandma got to hold all of her babies

We said our final good-byes

but not before Justin entertained us with his spot-on impression of Phineas
As our final order of business, we had to stop by the Red Barn in Santaquin for their best-ever homemade Lemon Custard ice-cream
It's so pretty there
Hats off to ya, Utah County. See you in May.


heather said...

Oh man, this post made me miss all the good things about Utah!

Jennifer said...

Love the hidden joke.