17 February 2009

Distinguishing between needs and wants

I played.

Rules: Google your name + "needs" and record the first 10 things that make sense.

1. Jennifer needs a smack daddy.
2. Jennifer needs to give birth in the next week.
3. Jennifer needs to play by the rules.
4. Jennifer needs a cane.
5. Jennifer needs to accept that she's gained what looks like some major pounds.
6. Jennifer needs your support (probably because of the weight gain).
7. Jennifer needs a shave.
8. Jennifer needs a muzzle.
9. Jennifer needs a mortician.
10. Jennifer needs 2 1/2 cups of sugar to make cookies for 15 people.

1. Patrick needs your help acquiring penicillin.
2. Patrick needs $30K for Irish memorial in Davenport.
3. Patrick needs you.
4. Patrick needs to back progressive tax solutions to state budget woes.
5. Patrick needs more love.
6. Patrick needs advice.
7. Patrick needs to repent.
8. Patrick needs a lint brush.
9. Patrick needs a good home--he has had all his shots-just needs a current rabies.
10. Patrick needs a potty.

1. Jonas needs a few stitches after cutting head in fall.
2. Jonas needs braces (maybe they will help his teeth come in).
3. Jonas needs to cut his hair.
4. Jonas needs you more than ever.
5. Jonas needs shaving lessons.
6. Jonas needs new pants.
7. Jonas needs to sing.
8. Jonas needs ur help.
9. Jonas needs to learn how to say "frog" on Vimeo.
10. Jonas needs more camera time.

Apparently we are never satisfied.


Blarney Girl said...

I love this meme, but I can't do it. Googling Dallas + "need" only brings up stupid stuff about the city or the football team.

9. Jennifer - lets hope you don't need one in the next, lets say, 60 years!
1. Patrick - it starts with online orders of penicillin and moves on to???

6. Jonas - this is why he's been crying! :)

The M's said...

It was fun to read your entries....we'll have to do that to our names.