29 January 2009

Extended Vacay: Leg 1

What I Did in December
By: Jonas

First order of business: Eat at In-n-Out (immediately preceding Mommy's haircut, which was the original first order of business)
Watched too much TV, even though Papa tried to stop me
Loved having my cousins Carson and Conner fawn over me.
Snuggled with Grammy
Met my Aunt Tiara
and my Uncle Steve
Observed the intricacies of Texas Hold 'Em
Learned true brotherly love
Wondered why there were so many boys that looked like my Mommy
Celebrated my first Christmas with Mommy and Daddy...
...and Uncle Eric, Aunt Lori, Randy, Cody, Hunter, Cannon, and Tanzik...
...and Uncle Steve, Aunt Tiara, Carson, and Conner...
...and Cousins James, Angie, Ember, and Ireland (we have to import girls)...
...and Uncle Herb and Aunt Julie.

Opened my first present
Felt a little overwhelmed by the wildness of the holiday
especially by the thrashing Tasmanian Devil who tore apart every square inch of wrapping paper in the house
Rode a dinosaur
Tried to get a picture of all the little boys (this is the most we could get with Tanzik)
Discovered that being the youngest may mean lots of playful beatings and stranglings

Learned how to do a push-up (seriously, Cannon is 3-years-old and can do real push-ups)
Practiced my push-ups
Played the Fruit Game
where Uncle Steve inevitably won
Got a new snow suit
Drove up to Pleasant Grove to meet Daddy's family. More tomorrow. Or maybe later, depending on how well I sleep tonight.


Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Great post! Your "other" family looks like they are tons of fun. Can't wait for subsequent installments.

Janae Walker said...

i love the hair cut! who did it? looks like the trip was eventful! man, i miss your family - they just make me smile :) you are looking great! p.s. in-n-out is a must! i miss it so bad (we went over christmas break as well).