30 January 2009

Extended Vacay: Leg 2

Two posts in one day. I must be extra good today. Or maybe it's because Dad only worked a half-day. Probably the former.
Once we got to Grammaloupes' home, I got to see Uncle Michael who visited me in September...
...and Grammaloupes, who came in July
Auntie Gucca came straight from the airport to see me
and Uncle Justin came from the faraway land of Provo.
Auntie Jennifer also traveled all the way from Provo, which was probably pretty nice since she has seat warmers.
Me and Grandpa
I really liked Auntie Michelle because she changed my diapers when no one else would
Daddy started playing with another baby (Phineas) which would have made me a little jealous...
...but Aunt Guc taught me how to chat on MSN Messenger so I forgot about him for a few minutes
Mama's roommate Lisha married Dr. Rich
so I met some of her college roommates (Whitney, Tara)
Mo (with Asher) and Jess (with Teagan)
Hyeku and Stasy
Teagan was so cute that I am going to visit her. Maybe then she will give me the time of day.
Teagan's daddy Lance was a pretty nice guy
Mommy's friends love karaoke.
And of course we can't go anywhere without Mommy wanting a family picture. Sheesh.
Did I mention my snowsuit (from Grammy) is awesome? I don't even have to take it off to get in the car seat.
Phineas was the star of the show because he received his baby blessing while I was in town
We kind of had a Nicole Richie/Paris Hilton rivalry for awhile--we refused to look at eachother, but we made up at the end.
Dad and Uncle Greg look like twins.
We had a photo shoot in our matching outfits.
I can only sit still for one photo. And of course, Phineas' head only turned slightly the entire time.

Um, I'm feeling a little self-conscious. Does my head always look this big?

Don't you move? You're making me look bad!

We nearly got a complete family photo. We sure missed Auntie Talese, but she was off being a professional Rockette in Nashville and couldn't make it between shows. As consolation, Grammaloupes gave us a different kind of show after this picture.
We played XBox together...for 6 hours.

My Mommy and Daddy had a BYU 147th ward reunion. I'm not sure why I'm crying, since Gavin is attacking Skyler. Maybe it's because Skyler is nearly a month younger than me, but way bigger. Perhaps my head isn't as big as I thought.
I've been hearing about Stef and Ellia for a long time. I hope they are coming to visit me soon (hint, hint)
We love Karen and Reagan, who just happened to start a great Crock Pot blog...check it
Our lovely host/hostess (I could have sworn I got more pictures of the other attendees)
Once we arrived home, we engaged in some Family Pilates.
We also went to CPK to celebrate Hyeku's birthday. She is listening to a custom rap written just for the Goo on her special day.

For New Year's Eve, Mommy and Aunt Gucca spent two days making a Mango-Raspberry gelato. Daddy garnished it once it was complete, but it didn't look so hot so here's the nearly-finished productFinally! There's Aunt Talese
I also got to meet my Great-Grandparents while Mommy and Cousin Alyssa worked on Cousin Alyssa's essays to get her into BYU!
And then Daddy left, after which I protested quite heartily.

Again, more to come.

29 January 2009

Extended Vacay: Leg 1

What I Did in December
By: Jonas

First order of business: Eat at In-n-Out (immediately preceding Mommy's haircut, which was the original first order of business)
Watched too much TV, even though Papa tried to stop me
Loved having my cousins Carson and Conner fawn over me.
Snuggled with Grammy
Met my Aunt Tiara
and my Uncle Steve
Observed the intricacies of Texas Hold 'Em
Learned true brotherly love
Wondered why there were so many boys that looked like my Mommy
Celebrated my first Christmas with Mommy and Daddy...
...and Uncle Eric, Aunt Lori, Randy, Cody, Hunter, Cannon, and Tanzik...
...and Uncle Steve, Aunt Tiara, Carson, and Conner...
...and Cousins James, Angie, Ember, and Ireland (we have to import girls)...
...and Uncle Herb and Aunt Julie.

Opened my first present
Felt a little overwhelmed by the wildness of the holiday
especially by the thrashing Tasmanian Devil who tore apart every square inch of wrapping paper in the house
Rode a dinosaur
Tried to get a picture of all the little boys (this is the most we could get with Tanzik)
Discovered that being the youngest may mean lots of playful beatings and stranglings

Learned how to do a push-up (seriously, Cannon is 3-years-old and can do real push-ups)
Practiced my push-ups
Played the Fruit Game
where Uncle Steve inevitably won
Got a new snow suit
Drove up to Pleasant Grove to meet Daddy's family. More tomorrow. Or maybe later, depending on how well I sleep tonight.