17 December 2008

Thanksgiving Part IV: Naegelin's, Natural Bridge Caverns, Landa Park

(Am I really still posting about a holiday that was 2 weeks ago?)
We stumbled upon this awesome little bakery downtown. One reason we like smaller towns is the ease at which hidden gems can be found. I'm certain Houston has a lot of hidden gems too, but they are so difficult to locate that I usually end up going to Chili's. Naegelin's is actually the first bakery in Texas (or at least that's what they advertise) and makes a mean rye and German sweet pretzel.

We also went to the Natural Bridge Caverns, which was an okay experience. The caves were very interesting, but the tour was SO LONG. We walk in a room, listen to a tour guide speak into a low microphone, and then stand in the room for 5-10 minutes. It took about an hour to go through, which is really fun with a baby. I enjoyed seeing the caves, but would have preferred a self-paced tour.

I suppose this natural bridge is where they came up with the name.
Jonas was sleeping for the beginning of the tour, but we still wanted to prove he was there.
I asked Patrick why he didn't smile for this picture. He claimed he was smiling (and sincerely believed that he was) until he saw the picture. Good thing I overcompensated. Don't we make a dazzling couple?

Voldemort's hand

The inside reminded us A LOT of Bryce Canyon. Anyone else see the similarities?
Just a little cavern decorum. Didn't your mother teach you it's rude to point?

We finished off our trip by taking a quick train ride around Landa Park. In a small way, it reminded me of Zilker Park in Austin (with a homier feel).

I felt like Gulliver in the land of Lilliputians on that train.


nbrawley said...

Ya'll are just the little traveling family - I am so jealous! I wish Philip and I had more time to get out and explore. Jonas is really going to appreciate all that you have done for him when he is older and looking through his 1st year photo album. How fun!

Janae Walker said...

one day i will be as good of a poster as you...but not yet! i have to work up to it :) that looks like so much fun! oh, i do love that jonas is still in his newborn clothes! random - reed grew almost 3 inches in the past two months! don't worry jonas, you can be as tall as reed someday - maybe :) we miss you and want you to come to virginia!

Jennifer said...

Jonas looks so precious in that last picture! I love his hat. You are good at taking pictures. I always take pictures of things that I would sooner forget, rather than ones that inspire fond memories.

vigues said...

No touchee the little Bryce canyon! You guys are still so fun...I remember when we used to do fun things...
Hey y'all look super-fabulous. Dazzling, even.