13 December 2008

Thanksgiving Part II: Gruene and Rio Raft Resort

New Braunfels has a strong German heritage that they are very proud of (and unfortunately, I didn't really capture it). Here is the touristy part of town called Gruene, where they hold Gruene Market Days from February-November. We also passed Cowboy Kringle, but didn't get a picture of Jonas with him :(

We stayed at a cottage on the Guadalupe River (the Rio Raft and Resort). Because it's the off-season, the price was pretty comparable to a Super 8, so we could not complain. The room wasn't much to write home about, but the scenery was absolutely gorgeous.

View from our deck. The walls of the river are incredible. We were dying to climb them.

The room, in case anyone is interested in staying there.

Here are the cottages from the road. I was a little skeptical when the flyer said they were located right on the river, but I was proven wrong. On site, there are also places to camp as well as park an RV. It appeared that many of the RV folks, and even some of the cottage folks, were living there (rent for the month was pretty reasonable).


Blarney Girl said...

I love the Guadalupe. It's gorgeous with it's limestone walls. When we camped at the state park, there was a cool trail that lead out to one of the cliffs. At dusk we went and sat out on the cliffs and watched the bats come out. We saw deer and other wildlife while we were out there. It was absolutely beautiful and no one else was there. The ranger told us how to get out there since the trail isn't marked.

Fredricksburg and Enchanted Rock are other places I've wanted to go to. Driven through may times, but always on my way somewhere else.

Jennifer said...

Wow! That is one ritzy place you stayed at. Do they serve wedges of lettuce there?
I am loving all the family pictures. Jonas has the best smile. And where did he get those cute shoes?