14 November 2008


Jonas is in a funny little stage right now. He doesn't really want me to carry him. He doesn't want to be on his back. He doesn't mind sitting up, but is not really capable of doing it without the assistance of his bouncer (which he prefers to be out of since it restricts his movement). He does, however, love to stand. Since birth he's been pushing those scrawny-turned-chunky limbs of his into a full stand, and the higher the better. His back and balance aren't strong enough to hold onto anything, so I spend a large portion of the day next to the counter while he holds my fingers and soaks in his surroundings (Which I enjoy, in all honesty. I don't look forward to the day he doesn't want me with him all the time, so I'll just drink it up while I've got it. The housework will still be there).

Introduce this contraption. A big thank you to Naomi for inventing it those many years back and donating it to a happy little couple upon her bittersweet farewell. Jonas loves it, and by loves, I mean he will sit it in for 10-15 minutes on a good day which gives me a much-needed break from all that finger-grasping.

Note the placement of his hand. Too amusing. Next challenge: Figure out how to prevent that hand getting caught between his leg and his toy so we can extend his happy time to 20 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

So YOU were the lucky recipient of this, huh? What a fabulous contraption. They didn't have these with our other four, and we were slow on the take with Eli. As cool as it is, I don't think I'll have a #6 just to try it out. :)