18 November 2008

Persimmon Picking

One of my H-Town items of business has been to visit an orchard. Initially we were going to go when the blackberries were ripe, but Jonas came a few days early and the blackberries came a few days late. Unlike some of the other pick-your-own places around town, the Matt Family Orchard operates as close to year-round as possible.

We visited at the beginning of the month with our friends Charis and Gordon and it was a blast. Nature is so refreshing--something we did not fully embrace when it was close by and now desperately miss. It's always a delight to get out of the city.

Persimmons, satsumas, lemons, and kumquats were available. The persimmon trees have an interesting look to them. I was expecting a more leafy look.

When you arrive, you are provided with clippers, fruit pickers (really technical, I know), bucket or basket, and a wagon.

Upon arrival, Patrick had a few questions and quickly received a glaring eye from the owner for being so inquisitive. And in the owner's defense, Patrick was asking a lot of probing questions: "How can you tell if the fruit is ripe? What is a satsuma? How much does everything cost?" We couldn't tell if he was joking or not, but by the end P won him over. He somehow was recruited to teaching the new arrivals how to use their tools. I think this man is the only person who has ever told Patrick he talks a lot.

The bounty

Please Auntie Jennifer, may I join the Persimmon Fan Club? I'm ready.


Auntie Michelle said...

I love that little boy more than life itself!

Jennifer said...

Jonas was born into the club! And he is the new mascot. He has inspired me to actually update the Persimmon Lounge...I just don't know when I will get to it. But I LOVE the pictures and I am seriously jealous of your persimmon adventure.

The Bells said...

Well done, you bunch of fruity kids. Miss you!