04 November 2008

It MUST pass

Proposition 8 HAS TO PASS.

In the days leading up to this election, the "tyranny of tolerance" has included vandalism of property, beatings, and other forms of harassment inflicted upon supporters of Proposition 8.

A new infringement upon religious liberty has been reached.

As explained on Protect Marriage, the newest ad to be released by the No on 8 camp (the No on Prop H8TE group) falsely vilifies the LDS Church. The commercial begins with two men dressed in the likeness of Mormon missionaries. They specifically introduce themselves as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and proceed to ransack the home of a same-sex couple in order to steal their wedding rings, rip up their marriage license, and "take away their rights." They conclude with inquiring about what they should ban next.

This ad is expected to run on MSNBC and CNN.

Thankfully, the Church responded with this statement via Scott Trotter:

“The Church has joined a broad-based coalition in defense of traditional marriage. While we feel this is important to all of society, we have always emphasized that respect be given to those who feel differently on this issue. It is unfortunate that some who oppose this proposition have not given the Church this same courtesy.”

I tarried back and forth about posting the video created by (ironically) the Courage Campaign. I typically do not entertain inaccurate representations of the Church, especially when it is such a blatant lie. Ultimately, I chose to include the ad because it aids me in understanding what is truly at stake. This is not a silly homemade commercial posted on YouTube by a disgruntled (former) member, available mostly to others seeking to degrade the Church and affirm their hatred. This is an ad set to play throughout the entire state of California (where we have 7 temples) on major news stations. The misrepresentation of our Church in this manner can instill fear into the general public about the guiding principles of our church and provoke hostility on our members. Kirtland. Nauvoo. Jackson County. Persecution in these areas was motivated by fear of the Church taking over, which is what this ad states will happen. Running this ad sets a frightening precedent.

I pray the the leadership of No on 8--which includes Senator Dianne Feinstein, Mayor Gavin Newsom (San Francisco), and California Schools Superintendent Jack O'Connell--condemn and pull this ad. I also pray those who are undecided on the matter see this as an indication of the rights we may lose in the future if this proposition does not pass.

I love this gospel and our freedom to love it is at stake. I am beginning to understand more of how Joseph and the early Saints felt and oh! how blessed we have been to live in a time with relatively little persecution. Please pray fervently.


Becca said...

I think Heavenly Father just has my prayers on a loop or something because I've been praying all day, the same thing, over and over.

and I wish it were all over tomorrow.

Josh and Shyann Croke Family said...

Thank you for posting this. I had not heard of the commercial and will spread the word.

heather said...

this makes me sick to my stomach! I get so mad when I see things like this but I know that it is not the way to go. I've been praying about this all day too!

Lissa said...

Talk about disgusting. And how many people are going to believe these lies just because they saw it on TV? (And as we all know, TV is totally accurate and never biased.) Welcome to the last days, I guess. Scary that we're raising kids in these times.

whitney said...

i watched that this morning. thanks for posting about it... i didn't have time before i ran out the door. i sincerely hope that they don't air it. absolutely ridiculous.

Kara said...

Oh that makes me so sad! I can't stand when people do things like this. I am praying it passes!!

Spence said...

We have a similar proposition in Arizona. Proposition 102. Those of us that have displayed posters of support in our community have had them ripped down, property vandalized and threatening letters posted on their doors. All from people preaching tolerance, why can't they be tolerant of our beliefs?

Anonymous said...

It passed!!!