23 November 2008

Everyday Baby

Skype is great, but there are some moments that we just can't capture. For our family that is far, far away, here is some of the plain-jane, everyday stuff you don't see (but we wish you did).

First time with solids (We attempted last month and decided against it for a little while longer. Here is his first and only experience nonetheless).

Waking Up


And more spitting


Jennifer said...

Nothing is sweeter than watching baby wake up! I love it! Jonas looks like an angel. I love how he rubs his eyes. So cute.

heather said...

So I love how he pushed your hand away when you were going to give him the cereal. So funny. I also love the video of him waking up. It took him a while and i think that was the best part. Thanks for sharing.

Jason and Lissa said...

We're having trouble with solids, too! It looks like you were able to keep the food in him, at least. Kiera has perfected the art of moving her tongue in just the right way so that anything she doesn't want (like solids, or especially her medicine) gets spit right back out!

Jeanette said...

Jackson never figured out the solids-baby food that is. He went straight to table food (at 10 months). So sweet. I bet your family loves seeing your little man grow. He is growing so fast.

Janae Walker said...

cute little bug!