09 October 2008

Interfaith Fast: October 12 (Sunday)

In light of Elder Nelson's talk on Sunday afternoon, I would like to encourage you to participate in an interfaith fast. While we are not all in California, the decision on Proposition 8 will affect all of us. This is one way those of us out of state can make a difference. Even if you are a pregnant or nursing mother and cannot fully participate, I encourage you to fast in your own personal way. As posted by KT:
Please join an interfaith fast on Sunday, October 12th for California Proposition 8.

Whatever your professed faith may be, your faith and fasting can bring forth the powers of heaven. Please abstain from food and drink on Sunday, October 12th and please pray for a positive outcome for California's Proposition 8, that hearts may be softened, and that understanding and wisdom will prevail.

To learn more about Proposition 8, please visit the Protect Marriage website here

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Becca said...

Thanks for this. I'll be fasting with you.