07 October 2008

Evolution of a Playoff Game

Yes! Sox are in the playoffs!Way to slam it Konerko!
Looks like someone needs to lay off the hot dogs
It's getting pretty intense out there
Hmmm, this is not at all turning out like I'd plannedWhat?!?!
I don't want to talk about it
Umm, you guys realize your season is over if you don't win, right?

I spit on you, Tampa Bay
I'm sure Mommy will punish me for the obscene hand gesture later, but frankly Blue, that call was out of line.
Tough loss for us, too. Maybe next year.

A big shout-out to the Bolingbrook Ordinaries for ensuring the deep-rooted Sox fanaticism carries on through the generations.


Lissa said...

Haha! Too funny.

Camille said...

haha- i laughed out loud! one of my sisters does the same thing with her little baby, and it's sooo funny! he sure is a cute little guy!

Justin said...

Hey! There's no crying in baseball!

Jake, Sarah and Jackson said...

Jen, you are so funny! Jonas is so dang cute and even cuter in his little Sox outfit.

The Huffs said...

So cute and creative!! He is adorable.

Jennifer said...

My nephew definitely has star quality.

natalie said...

Ha Ha you are too funny!

mws254 said...

We were all sad here also, but at least we can tell the Cubs fans in the family that at least we won 1 game.

Uncle Mark

Janae Walker said...

how did he get so big???!!!