18 October 2008

Answer Revealed

I must admit I was not expecting anyone to actually guess where we were--we just thought the little man looked like he had a secret to tell.

But to honor my promise, we were in...drumroll please...Fort Worth. There are few things we miss more about Utah than BYU football. Since we can't be season ticket holders anymore, Utah came to us. TCU is only 4.5 hours away, so we thanked the MWC for getting the Horned Frogs into our conference and made pilgrimage. The game itself was horribly disappointing, but it was still a blast. Jonas did well on his first road trip (one of many milestones this week) and despite the devastating, BCS-busting loss, it was a perfect getaway. TCU's campus is gorgeous and Fort Worth is a fascinating town--a great mix of college and urban cowboy.

My former roommate Niki lives in the Ft. Worth area and was given tickets to the game at the last minute. Here she is with her beautiful little girl.

We considered going to the State Fair while we were there but TCU made us feel like we didn't need to attend. They had carnival food, fireworks, a balloon launch--just a fun atmosphere

My camera took a few blurry pics so hopefully Niki will send me some clear ones that I can post here (hint, hint)

After the game, we went to Denny's. Levi is giving Niki "princess hair"

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Jake, Sarah and Jackson said...

I love road trips! It looks like you guys had fun despite BYU's poor performance. The game was pretty disappointing, wasn't it?