28 October 2008

Anniversary of sorts

This is the day we met, exactly 6 years ago today, on a blind date. (No, you're not mistaken. That is Dana)

Who would have known that first meeting would lead to this?

(C'mon, you didn't really think I could go two consecutive posts without a picture of my favorite little man, did you?)

27 October 2008

Square Foot Gardening

Earlier, I reviewed Mel Bartholomew's Square Foot Gardening. Apparently, Bartholomew wrote a revised edition a couple of years ago that I was able to get my hands on. I liked the original, but All New Square Foot Gardening is far better. It's less technical and more importantly for me, it simplifies the process of gardening even more. We have yet to harvest anything, but the process in building our garden has excited our green thumbs. For documentation purposes (and if anyone is interested in building their own--there are ways to do it even if you live in an apartment without any land), here is how we went about building our square foot garden.

Building the planter (the book touches briefly on planters, but it focuses on building the gardens lower to the ground). Even though it requires extra watering, we prefer a planter since we're trying to sell our house and don't want to make ourselves less marketable.

Drilling drainage holes

Spacing of drainage holes

Mixing up 5 types of compost

Combining (in equal parts) compost, peat moss, and coarse vermiculite

Do you see that school on my shirt? Bill and Melinda Gates just visited and observed the teachers there (which is where I work). Cool, huh?

All mixed

Up close

Ta da!

Soaking the seeds

Getting the seedlings started

Romaine lettuce



Hopefully more to come.

26 October 2008

BYU 81st Ward Reunion

Freshman year was memorable. Our ward was extremely tight-knit and we proceeded to have countless reunions throughout our gazillion years at BYU. In the spirit of our fallen Deseret Towers, we happened upon a mini-reunion with Scott (who served with Patrick, incidentally), Lara, and Elliott at delicious Lupe Tortilla. The one thing that would have made the fajitas tastier would have been eating them with Laura and Katelyn (Scott's family)--come back soon!

Lara and Elliott coveting the little Asian baby.

25 October 2008

Fort Worth Trip Continued

While in Fort Worth, we checked out Curly's Frozen Custard (we love frozen custard), the twice-daily cattle drive at the Stockyards, the Botanic Gardens, and ate at Uncle Julio's with Niki.

Patrick says this will be our backyard someday.

Our 4.5 hour drive home took 9 hours because Jonas was not keen on sitting in the car. This afforded us quite a few stops where we found these Texas gems:

Corsicana had a very stern warning about stealing gas. No, you won't go to jail. You will lose your license, which is far worse. People may be willing to steal gas, but they would never go as far as driving without a license. Phew. I bet the gas station owners sleep a little easier at night.

The Conroe Outlets leave much to be desired. Once we passed this window display of a pink sweatsuit, I said "I want that" (Napoleon Dynamite, anyone?). Just imagine the treasures that could be found inside if this was the best they had to offer.

By the time we made it to Huntsville, it was a little too late/dark to visit the world's tallest statue of an American hero (Sam Houston). It is 67 feet tall with a 10-foot granite base. Not too shabby.

On a more successful statue note, we saw this Tribute to American Statesmanship off the freeway a few months ago and had to find them. It took some work because they are in a totally obscure spot (and I'm not talking about the Presidential Park off 288). If anyone sends me a picture of themselves in front of them, I will give you a small prize.

Finally asleep. We thought we would have to stay at a hotel in the Woodlands.

Oh yes, and Jonas learned to drive just outside of Huntsville. We're very proud of our advanced baby.

22 October 2008


We can't get over how cute this little guy is!

Let's just hope Phineas goes easy on his cousin Jonas and doesn't beat him up.
Here's Phineas at one week old (same bear) and Jonas smaller at both one week and one month old

And for my viewing pleasure, I had to post these pics of Daddy Time.

PS Jonas had three big milestones (in Mom's eyes) last week--first road trip, finally went up in diaper size, and grew out of his first newborn outfit (though I think that was a direct result of the new enormous diapers he's in).