19 September 2008

Say Cheese

Normally Jonas is all smiles when I do this, but the camera distracted him. The best (and only) one comes 7 seconds into the video, so don't blink or you'll miss it. When/if we get a better one, I'll certainly post it.

PS Jonas is suffering from Infant Alopecia. Please don't tease him. He's very self-conscious about it.


stacey @ happyarewe said...

Num num num num...I want to eat that baby up! Alopecia or no (and it happens to the best of 'em, little dude!), he is still one DANG CUTE BABY! And oh oh oh! I saw the smile! :)

Jeanette said...

So precious!!!

Hilton loves the camera and sometimes when he is in total mealtdown, I will get it out and say, "Cheese," and he will stop and smile.

My grandmother said baby alopecia is a sign that the baby is healthy and active. I agree!

Jennifer said...

Very cute! Thanks for the video. He gets cuter every time I see him...on film. Love to you all.

Jennifer said...

I just had to look up alopecia. Tell Jonas not to worry about it. He has a million gorgeous features and he won't be any less attractive. We love him in any condition.

Jake, Sarah and Jackson said...

His smile is just too cute! Tell Jonas not to worry about the alopecia. Jackson's hair didn't even start to come in until he was like a year old.

Keith and Nicci said...

Way cute, and he is totally filling out - there is hope for those skinny babies of ours! Austin is actually in the 10th percentile for weight now - we were jumping for joy. Miss you guys.