26 September 2008

Recipe Review: Black Bean Burgers

I found this recipe here.
I love black beans and typically prefer them to meat (for reasons relating to taste and cost), so this recipe was perfect. My carnivorous husband even enjoyed them, so there's hope for us yet.

I used homemade whole wheat rolls instead of hamburger buns. We are still looking for a way to make the middle a bit more firm (I think I put in more than 3 T salsa), so the smaller size burger worked better for that. I also put in homemade bread crumbs, so perhaps those weren't toasted well enough. In spite of those minor problems, yum!

* 2 cups black beans, mashed up
* 1 cup bread crumbs
* 3 TBLS salsa
* 1 egg
* 1 Cup cooked rice (brown or white)

Combine all ingredients. Make patties out of mixture. Place on griddle and cook until browned or crisp. Add lettuce, tomatoes, and other hamburger condiments to finished patties and bun.

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Jake, Sarah and Jackson said...

Jen, I am totally going to have to try these! I made black bean burgers a few months ago and my hubby wasn't a huge fan, but I was! Your recipe looks much easier than mine which is a plus in my book. Thanks for the recipe.