06 September 2008

Labor Day Surprise--Uncle Michael!

For the last two Labor Days, we took day trips to San Antonio and College Station. With Gustav approaching, we decided to stay home and were pretty bummed about the change in plans. On Sunday night however, we received quite the treat! Uncle Michael wanted to meet up with us--he had a layover in Houston and was on an overbooked plane, so he gave up his seat in exchange for a next-day flight, meal vouchers, a free room at the Hilton, and $300 next time he's on Continental. We packed ourselves up and headed to the airport in order for Jonas to meet his very first relative outside of grandparents. It was a short visit (about 8 hours, with 4 spent sleeping) but such a delight. If we would have left town, there's no way we would have been able to meet up with him. I never knew I could be so grateful for a hurricane!

Jonas slept in this chair for the evening (it was pushed up against the wall). We soon realized how filthy it probably was and quickly covered it with a blanket. There was also the loudest cricket in the swamp cooler. I kept walking over to brush the bugs off, but it wasn't until I reached him that I realized I was dreaming. Egad!

A unique aspect of Houston: we never received storm warnings on the highways in Utah and Las Vegas. I especially like the signs that say "Storm Forming in the Gulf" and "Storm Approaching." Gustav was no longer on track for Houston, so it was downgraded to ""Hurricane Season is Here"

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Jennifer said...

Sending comment of Love: I love you all. I wish I was on a plane that was stuck in Houston. I miss you guys.