12 September 2008

Janae's Visit: Days 1 and 2

Monday.We began at the Holocaust Museum. Last time we came (in July with Patrick's parents), Jonas threw a pretty big fit. Staying true to form, he exhibited the same behavior. Perhaps he is too young to witness such sobering, graphic information. The museum has a rail car that was used to transport Jews to the various concentration camps as well as a Danish boat that was used to save many refugees.

I suppose I shouldn't be smiling in front of it. I didn't think about that while taking the picture...

Stop 2 was the Water Wall at Williams Tower (by the Galleria). This is the most photographed site in Houston.

Our boys slept the whole time (thank goodness).

This should be a good reference to its size

The final stop for the day was Emporio Brasilian Cafe to celebrate our shared love for Portuguese. Mmmmm. Janae enjoyed the coxinhas de frango (a fried appetizer with chicken inside) and mousse de maracujá (passion fruit mousse). I had pudim de coco (coconut tart).

Sunday. We listened to some pretty incredible talks at stake conference. My favorite was the challenge to live the mission rules as issued from President Allen. I'm pretty excited to work towards keeping all of them. They are as follows:
1. Go to bed at a reasonable time and rise early
2. Pray regularly, frequently, and fervently
3. Engage in daily scripture study
4. Write in your journal
5. Exercise
6. Look the part
7. Keep the commandments with exactness
8. Freely give service
9. Go to the temple (once a month)
10. Don't waste time

These are so simple. The gospel is simple. And yet, it is difficult (for me) to live it fully. It seems when I finally "master" one area (say, journal writing), another area falls (daily scripture study). I then focus on that fallen aspect and start to perfect it, but find myself dropping the ball in another area. I suppose it's that whole endure to the end aspect coming into play. Good thing there are only 10 rules.


Janae Walker said...

reed misses jonas so much! we look good in our pictures....no wonder random strangers stare at us :) hee hee i miss you!

jessica said...

how fun!