18 September 2008

The Dog Races

Last Wednesday we drove down to Gulf Greyhound Park in La Marque for a day at the races. Every time we drive down to Galveston, we pass the races and I say, "I've never been to a dog race before. We should go sometime" to which P responds, "Yeah, we should." Two years later...Check.

To my surprise, the observation area is indoors, with no option to sit outside (sadly). Cigarettes are permitted in the building so the walls are forever-embedded with stale smoke, but it's tolerable and isn't much worse than a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant at lunchtime. It resembles a truck stop area and is reminiscent of a mid-day keno tournament in one of Vegas' downtown casinos. The clientele is pretty much the opposite of two Mormon moms with infants and strollers so we were certainly out of place. The standard patron was a retirement-age man with a mesh ballcap, but the handful of 30-somethings left me wondering why they weren't at work on a Wednesday at 12 pm :)

The races were fun to watch and I would love to return on a Friday or Saturday night (without baby) to get the full-fledged hootin' and hollerin' experience. And perhaps I can get in a little Bingo in between races.

Here's Marky!

Two babies? Hmm, I could get used to this.

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Michelle said...

Jonas you are the cutest baby in the world