26 September 2008

Blanket Buddies

Jonas has received gorgeous blankets made especially for him by a few gorgeous ladies (with extraordinary talent). In no particular order:

Grandma Duke made this for Patrick when he was a baby and it has been passed on.

Miss Atali made this jean American flag quilt for personal progress--I see a budding Project Runway winner in the making!

Nana and Auntie Michelle made this safari quilt for the monkey.

Thanks Aunt Gerry--it's perfect!

Even when we weren't revealing the gender of the baby, Grammy Pammy went ahead and made this gender-neutral beauty.

Check out the amazing details of Aunt Liz's quilt.

A big THANK YOU to all you ladies who love our little man so much. Your generosity is a true gift.


Auntie Michelle said...

p.s I didn't make the blanket with Nana that would be Papa. I just gave him the nickname and them the inspiration :)

Janae Walker said...

jen! i have updated my blog twice now....just so you know :) i am doing better now that i have the internet!

nbrawley said...

Those quilts are awesome and are all so cute! I love the jean quilt...what a great idea. He will cherish those blankets forever!