22 August 2008

Dynamo vs. Real

If you have never been to a Dynamo game, I highly recommend it. First positive: when we arrived, a parking attendant initially told us the lot we were in was off-limits (it was right next to the stadium), but upon seeing Jonas, he let us stay there since we "had that tiny baby and all." Second positive: You know it's going to be a good time when you walk in and they are playing the national anthem...on an electric guitar. Seriously, it was even better than arena football. Third positive: I have been dying to go to Mexico since we moved here, but I no longer need to. I felt like I was in another country, especially with the pep bands singing and chanting en espanol. All in all, good family fun. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have season tickets (and would be more apt if the stadium wasn't in third ward). And even better--we won! Houston 4, Salt Lake 3.

The Spanish 12th Man

Pinatas double as hats.

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Blarney Girl said...

You guys see and do the coolest things!!!