05 August 2008

Book Reviews: Steve & Me; The Best Test Prep

Steve & Me
By: Terri Irwin
5 Stars

I loved this book--not for the literary value (frankly, Terri Irwin is not an incredible writer), but for the sheer honesty and candor. I felt I was reading her journal and could sense the great love shared within their marriage and within their family. Prior to reading this account of the Crocodile Hunter's life (from the perspective of his soulmate), I did not know much other than the fact that he was Australian. Throughout the course of the book, I grew to love him and his family. It even made me want to go out and save the whales. [sidebar: For those of you who don't know, I am not an animal person. Not a hater by any means (I still have a soul), but I didn't grow up with them so they are unfamiliar territory that I have never EVER tried to familiarize myself with. end sidebar]

If Terri Irwin's goal was to demonstrate the loving nature of her husband as well as promote the conservation efforts around the world, she accomplished it in a very unpretentious, gentle way. I've been converted. I don't know that I will be one of the Irwin Wildlife Warriors, but I am slightly more aware of WHY people love animals the way they love their own families.

This is a light read that I would recommend if you are interested in learning more about their lives (which is fascinating). However, sentimental folks beware. I postponed reading the last two chapters for a week and a half because I knew the outcome and felt as if I was losing a personal friend. Lame, I know. But I'm good at making personal connections while I read and I submit that as a Reading teacher, I was just fulfilling my professional duties in relating to the text.

The Best Test Preparation for the TExES 101 Generalist EC-4
Test Preparation Reference

I took the EC-4 Generalist exam Saturday morning. While the manual suggests a 7-week study program (4 weeks if you want the "fast track"), I only allocated 4 days. The manual comes with one diagnostic exam online and a second inside. It was rather boring, but I got a 93% so I can't complain. Now I can teach any subject to your Pre-K through 8th grade children in the state of Texas. Booyah.


Blarney Girl said...

WOW!! You're one smart chick!! Not that I thought you were dumb. :| It's kinda cool getting to know you, even if it is via a blog entry. There's really only so much you can learn from someone when their trying to herd nursery kids!!

I haven't read Steve & Me yet. Guess I better get on the ball!!

As a side note: It's cool that you made, what I consider, a very high score on your test. I always kinda wonder about professionals like doctors, teachers, and so forth and what their grades were in college. I don't really want the doctor who got a C in anatomy to do my surgery!!

Jer & Stef said...

Wow I am impressed with your reading and the way you are continuing your education. I haven't touched any educational matter, besides how to stain wood or plant things in my yard, since I graduated last year (which seems like much longer ago . . . As far as my reading goes I'm trying to catch up on things like Water Horse, Spiderwick Chronicles, and Kit: An American Girl, so that I can watch the movies! (I have totally rekindled my love for children's books since Ellia was born!) I hope you got the mail I sent awhile back.