26 August 2008

Book Review: La Línea

La Línea by Ann Jaramillo
Book Level: 4.3
4 stars

Miguel (15) and his sister Elena (13) are from a small village in Mexico. Their parents left for California seven years prior and have finally made enough money to send for Miguel. On his way to cross la línea (the border), Elena sneakily follows Miguel and tries to go with him. The novel follows them, highlighting the dangers they face on their journey.

This novel made today’s political climate even more confusing. Illegal immigration is such a fiery topic right now and I certainly have strong opinions about what should be done. Without giving away any of the story, this put a very human face on illegal immigration and shed light into the sacrifices made by both sides of the argument. Portions of the novel are written in Spanish, but there is plenty of context to figure out what is being said if you are not an hispanohablante. This novel made me ponder and I would recommend it to anyone interested in
1) illegal immigration and/or
2) a good adventure story and/or
3) a fairly easy read that makes you think

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Blarney Girl said...

Sounds like a good book!

I, too, have strong feelings about illegal immigration and can see where both sides are coming from. Don't worry, I won't get political in my comment! :D

Have you seen the movie, La Misma Luna? I absolutely loved it.