20 August 2008

101 Things To Do in 1,001 Days

This idea has been going around for quite some time, but I decided to finally take advantage of the "101 Things To Do in 1,001 Days" craze and really put my mind to some active goal-reaching. I left a few open spots for any goals that may come up along the way. So for the next 2.75 years (Thursday, August 21, 2008 until May 19, 2011--the day before I turn 29), I will be working on the following...
1. Visit another country
2. See Old Faithful erupt
3. Visit Dallas
4. Visit South Padre Island
5. Visit Arches
6. Visit Goblin Valley
7. Visit Four Corners
8. Visit Connecticut

Experiences and Activities
9. Attend Dickens on the Strand
10. Attend a hockey game
11. See a Meteor shower
12. Pro sporting event
13. Horse races
14. Dog races
15. Buy a stranger a meal at a restaurant
16. Write Congress person
17. Write to two former teachers
18. Write to the elders who baptized me
19. Go shooting
20. Visit a farm
21. Visit the funeral museum
22. Watch The Manchurian Candidate (Sinatra version)
23. Go off-roading
24. Go to the zoo
25. Take a mud bath
26. Try wakeboarding
27. Go on a canoe trip
28. Keep a New Year’s Resolution that is actually a sacrifice
29. Complete all items on my “Houston Experiences” list
30. Attend the temple each month unless distance prevents doing so

31. Watch a film in Portuguese
32. Speak Portuguese with Jonas for at least 3 hours per week
33. Complete Portuguese Course 1
34. Complete Portuguese Course 2
35. Complete Portuguese Course 3
36. Complete Portuguese Course 4
37. Gospel flashcards for Jonas once/month

35. Visit a family historical site
36. Record my music
37. Digitize parents’ photos
38. Create a family album for parents’ photos
39. Write my personal history
40. Create a new family tradition
41. Create a family facebook for Jonas
42. Digitize my old photo albums
43. Create photo books for old albums
44. Complete Jonas’ baby book
45. Journal about the 200 Haves and Have Nots
46. Journal about each goal I complete

52. Notarize wills, living wills, and power of attorney
53. Create a proper address book
54. Photocopy and organize documents
55. Decrease line of credit by $10,000
56. Cook 20 freezer meals in one weekend at least 2 times
57. Have a money-free weekend at least 5 times
58. Create Jonas’ 72 hour kit
59. Patrick’s 72 hour kit
60. My 72-hour kit
61. Put together an “evacuation box” and hurricane readiness box
62. Store six months worth of food
63. Create family budget and evaluate each month
64. Implement at least 10 things into my regular living that increases my frugality
65. Allocate emergency fund in right places

Making My Brain Bigger
66. Use a portion of my Americorps award
67. Read The Odyssey
68. Read the entire Standard Works
69. Read 5 classics
70. Participate in a book club
71. Present at an academic conference
72. Complete my curriculum vitae
73. Update my resume
74. Create power statements for all of my jobs and volunteer experiences
75. Memorize The Family: A Proclamation to the World
76. Read From Good to Great
77. Read The Work and the Glory
78. Maintain my GT certification
79. Become EC-4 certified
80. Take the GMAT
81. Personal Finance Course 1
82. Personal Finance Course 2
83. Personal Finance Course 3
84. Read 10 personal finance books

Physical Health and Fitness
85. Reach desired weight
86. Run ½ marathon
87. Climb Mt. Timp
88. Take a dance class
89. Do a pull-up
90. Run a marathon

91. Become CPR certified: adult
92. Become CPR certified: infant and child
93. Make a Halloween costume
94. Make a piece of jewelry
95. Learn to drive stick shift
96. Learn 30 hymns on the piano
97. Learn 10 new songs on the guitar (and record)
98. Try 20 new recipes
99. Make a blanket
100. Learn basic mending
101. Learn to make my own cleaning supplies


Anonymous said...

Oh my word, that is so inspiring! I will definitely have to give this some thought! Unfortunately, I think items 1-98 would end up saying something like "keep head above water, keep head above water, keep head above water" etc. :)

The Huffs said...

What a wonderful idea. You weren't kidding last monday when you said you were spending your time working on goals. I love the variety on your list. Good luck!