28 July 2008

What Should I Do With All This Trash?

I know, I'll glue it all together and call it folk art.

The Galleria hosted the annual Red Bull Art of Can exhibit where the primary materials used needed to be Red Bull cans. People were quite creative.

LaQuina has been in town with a horde of teenagers this month but was able to escape Saturday for an afternoon of Houston's lesser known beauties.

First Stop: The Beer Can House
John Milkovisch did not enjoy mowing his lawn. As a result for this distaste, he paved his yard with an assortment of items, including beer cans, marbles, etc. From there, he began covering the outside of his home with what came to be over 50,000 beer cans in the form of wallpaper, curtains, and various home decor items. Oddly enough, this home is in a nice area, surrounded by condos and very presentable houses.

The creator of this inspiring establishment.
Please take note of the bottom button on his shirt.
"Some people say this is sculpture but I didn't go to no expensive school to get these crazy notions." --John Milkovisch, Beer Can House Extraordinaire

Second Stop: The Art Car Museum
Each May, Houston holds an art car parade where vehicles like the following are decorated with a particular theme and driven through the city. During the year, a couple of the cars are housed in the museum.

This car was made mostly with pieces of tile.
A close-up of the handiwork.

So hardcore

More close-ups.
Can you spot the dentures?

Thousands of shells, some with fake pearls glued inside

Third Stop: The Orange Show
The strangest, creepiest visit was the Orange Show Monument. Housed in Houston's "lovely" Third Ward is a man's tribute to his favorite fruit--the orange. It took about 20 years for him to build and was full of orange memorabilia, unnerving circus items (complete with a mini stadium), and an assortment of misspellings.

Not to be mistaken with Confucius.

Final Stop: We enjoyed Amy's Ice-Cream--a Texas original

We loved having you here LaQuina!

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mojo said...

I hope that one day when I go to Houston that I could see these very same sites. I'm being very serious.